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Amazon Now Discloses Seller’s Name and Address! How to Keep Them Safe

by Lewis Civin, CEO
Amazon Seller

Warning Amazon Sellers! You are Now Publicly Exposed!


Last Wednesday, July 8th, Amazon issued a statement that’s making sellers worldwide jump off their seats!


Beginning on September 1, 2020, we will display a seller’s business name and address on their Seller Profile page. For individuals, we will display the individual name and address. This is consistent with Seller Profile pages across Amazon stores in Europe, Japan, and Mexico.

Okay, so what’s the fuss about?


Before we dive deep and discuss more about this Amazon change, let’s discuss the current situation first.


If you’ve been inside the Amazon platform before, you may have noticed that there’s an option to check out a Store by clicking “Sold by [Store Name]”, which is found below the “Buy Now” button.


And once you click, you get inside what Amazon calls the “Seller Profile Page”.


This is where you get to learn more about the store – feedback, policies, returns, refunds, and more but with NO PERSONAL INFORMATION reflected.


And this is what’s bound to change in the coming months because of Amazon’s new announcement.


What this means is that your NAME and PERSONAL ADDRESS – the one you used to register on Amazon will now be displayed publicly starting September 1, 2020.


Currently, every seller has an option whether he likes to disclose these personal information or not. But with this move by Amazon, divulging sensitive seller details becomes mandatory rather than optional.


Now if you registered as a business and you have a business address, then you probably are fine with Amazon showing these details to the public.


But how about the rest of individual sellers who registered with their personal name and address? 


Will they be ok with the world knowing who they are and where they live?


Why is Amazon Making This Change?


Before we complain and freak out about this new announcement, let’s first try to understand where Amazon is coming from.


What is their intention?


Why this?


Why now?


First things first, Amazon’s top priority is their customers. 


And now that the world is in a place where shopping online has become the new normal, Amazon 

wants to safeguard the public against fraud, counterfeit products, and all out scams.


For one, forcing sellers to disclose their business names and addresses can prevent rogue sellers from listing products on Amazon as they will be required to prove their identity through bank statements and utility bills that include their names and addresses.


The disclosure also enables brands to go after unauthorized sellers who sell their products, curbing the sales of counterfeit items that have plagued the marketplace in recent years.


And from a buyer’s perspective, seeing these information reflected on a seller’s page increases the legitimacy of the business and in a way helps customers make more informed shopping decisions.


How Exposed are Amazon Sellers?


Although we understand how beneficial this new Amazon policy is to the consumers, it’s also not surprising why this change will impact most Amazon sellers negatively.


Cause among other things, this is the biggest concern they have:


“How about my privacy? My personal name and home address are the ones reflected!”


You see, the majority of sellers are registered as “individuals” inside Amazon. 


This means that they used their personal names and residential addresses, both sensitive information out for the world to see once this update takes effect.


And what’s even crazier?


AT THIS MOMENT, these details are already showing up in Europe, Mexico, and Japan even if you’re not actually selling on these marketplaces!


*** Note: Watch the video to see how it looks like

So How Will You Keep Your Personal Information Safe?


The Policy is here to stay.


No matter how big your concern about privacy is, this won’t stop Amazon from enforcing this new rule come September 1, 2020.


And now that you’re reading this, you might as well get a jump on this NOW so you can do the necessary steps in securing your name and personal address before it’s too late.


Here are some things you can do:


  1. Create an LLC or business if you want to remove your personal name from your account 
  2. Get a business address if you don’t want your home address listed

These may not be the easiest things to do as it involves countless verifications and you may need to go through a tax interview again…


But if these are what it takes to protect your privacy and prevent harassment and false claims from happening, you definitely need to start acting now.


And if you ever feel that you’re lost and overwhelmed on what to do next, don’t fret cause ZonBase got your back!


Be it brainstorming ideas or formulating strategies on how to go about this change on Amazon FBA step by step…


Our lines are always open.


Click here to book a call with us for free and let’s figure out this Amazon change together!

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