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How To Build An Amazon Agency from Scratch

by Lewis Civin, CEO
How To Build An Amazon Agency from Scratch

No money down for your Amazon FBA business but have the technical expertise to get an Amazon store off the ground?

Don’t let money get in the way cause your dream Amazon FBA business is still within your reach even if you don’t have enough cash (just yet)!

As we all know, the traditional way of doing business in the Amazon marketplace is through selling your own products.

And as the Amazon marketplace continues to grow, so does the number of sellers!

And more often than not, mostly are newcomers and overwhelmed sellers who need help to get their stores off the ground and keep them running…

An OPPORTUNITY you can take advantage of!

Why Build An Amazon Agency

In 2019, about a million NEW sellers joined the Amazon marketplace – increasing its seller population to about 2.5 million.

And in reality, NOT all these sellers know how to sell on Amazon and manage their Amazon business just by themselves…

…cause truth be told, it requires time and technical know-how to keep an Amazon store running and profitable.

And here are some of them:

  • Optimize product listings. Some Amazon sellers might not know how or don’t have the time to optimize their product pages with the right keywords, copy, images, and bullet points resulting in poorly designed storefronts that don’t convert.
  • Amazon advertising. This is a key driver in getting sales in the Amazon marketplace. It requires knowledge, strategies, and patience in order to get results and not burn a hole in your pocket. And since Amazon advertising is not a “set it and forget it” platform, it requires constant Ad optimization and weekly analysis of all the data generated from the campaigns.
  • Amazon policy changes. As Amazon rolls out policy changes every now and then, some sellers are having difficulty staying up to date and can’t seem to adopt immediately with these policy updates published in Amazon Seller Central. 

In fact, recent changes in Amazon policies made sellers worldwide freak out! Changes such as selling restrictions, counterfeit crackdowns, storage limits, sellers’ name and address disclosure, and many more.

  • Daily operations. About a million Amazon sellers are just starting out on Amazon and have a lot to learn – how Amazon FBA works, dealing with seller support, figuring out how to do bulk uploads, product research, product sourcing, and the list goes on.

Sure, lots of blogs, webinars, and courses are out there to help newcomers direct their own learning on how to become an Amazon Seller… 

But that alone is a HUGE time investment in itself – time which most busy entrepreneurs don’t have.

  • Scaling of business. It is every seller’s utmost desire to take their Amazon FBA business to greater heights. And for them to actively grow their Amazon FBA business, they have to focus on strategizing and creating a system instead of dealing with the demands of day-to-day operations. 

You see…

There are lots of things an Amazon seller needs to juggle simultaneously in order to succeed in the Amazon marketplace.

And judging from the long list of tasks that need to be done, it’s safe to say that THEY NEED HELP.

They can’t do all these by themselves without being tired, stressed, and constantly overwhelmed.

So this is where you come in.

How about helping them OUTSOURCE the whole headache of managing their Amazon stores?

Cause using the knowledge, understanding, and experience you have about Amazon, you can actually start running an AGENCY that offers paid services to help struggling Amazon sellers get through.

You help Amazon clients free up their time while increasing their profit, and you get paid healthily in return.

WIN-WIN, right?

And you don’t have to be the most knowledgeable resource on Amazon to do that!

Armed with all the tools and services from ZonBase, you can manage someone else’s store as if it’s your own.

ZonBase has a range of sophisticated tools that enable Amazon sellers to stand out in a competitive marketplace.                               

Plus, there’s a software called MarketerMagic that will help you reach these struggling Amazon sellers easily!

Planning to build your own Amazon agency?

READ ON cause we have a lot to talk about!

How To Build An Amazon Agency

Now that you have a clearer idea about Amazon seller problems that you can leverage on, it’s time to figure out the solutions you can offer to help them.


Run a preliminary assessment on the skills, experience, and knowledge you have about Amazon that you can use in your offer. Doing so gives you a benchmark of what you’re confident to deliver.


Identify the focus of your agency. Will you offer a total solution to Amazon sellers encompassing front end tasks, pricing strategy, advertising, down to the back end processes? Or will you focus on key areas within your specialties?


Find an Amazon software that will help you get the job done. And the good news is, you don’t have to search far cause the very software you need to kickstart your Amazon agency is just a click away! 

ZonBase is a powerful Amazon software which helps with product research, keyword research, market analysis, launch and PPC marketing ALL IN ONE PLACE.

  • Product research. This is where most Amazon sellers often get stuck. And if you do it manually on their behalf, this can be laborious, time-consuming, and frustrating that often leads to a dead end.

But with ZonBase, product research now becomes faster, easier, and with higher certainty. It contains tools that perform data-driven searches to find you WINNING products – those with high demand and less competition to which Amazon sellers can dominate!

For one, the ZonResearch tool pulls data directly from Amazon, filters results for both products and keywords, and uncovers the next best selling products on Amazon in seconds!

The ZonBase Chrome Extension shows you all the details behind your Amazon search all in one glance, thus getting your product research efforts up to speed.

The Hot Products tool gives you access to profitable products to sell that belong to the Amazon Top 100 Most Gifted Products of the Day, have increasing Amazon sales trends, and contain less than 30 reviews.

  • Keyword research. Among the sales key drivers is getting all the possible Amazon search terms on your customers’ listings.

ZonBase Keywords targets the best keywords to rank for and gives you more relevant data such as Smart Score, Seasonality Indicator, and Word Cloud to help you make more informed decisions.

  • Market Analysis. For you to help your clients stand out in the Amazon crowd, you need to gain market intelligence.

Reverse ASIN, ZonTracker, and Sales Estimator are your best bets when it comes to sales and keyword trends and they get the job done by spying on your competitors and tracking your own progress.

Also, the Product Validator service helps you validate your customer’s product first to know if it’s saturated, worth a launch, or the demand is high enough for investing to make sense – saving them from so much frustration, wasted effort, and wasted money.

  • Launch. Another done-for-you service you can utilize in ZonBase is the Listing Optimizer which performs machine learning to come up with winning titles, optimized bullet points, and strategic backend keywords. 

Plus the Photo Enhancer service does the trick of turning your ordinary Amazon product photography into EXPLAINER images that SELL MORE.

Just look at the difference!

And you can even outsource the PPC campaigns of your clients to ZonBase!

Sit back, relax, and re-outsource the headache of campaign management cause we’ll do all the work for you through PageOne Launch and PPC Autopilot! More profits will come to your customers without you lifting any finger!

You see…

ZonBase has all the tools and services you need in building your Amazon agency and running your clients’ Amazon stores.

And even if you don’t have enough manpower to do all the tasks in keeping your clients’ stores running, you can outsource some of them to ZonBase!

The best part?

You can find all of them in one place, making it easier to select the tool and services of your choice, based on your needs.

How To Find Your Paying Clients


Now that we’re done with the setting up of your Amazon agency and choice of Amazon software, the next BIG question is…

How do you find your paying clients?

Phew! This is a tough (and very important) one.

Cause what good are your skills and experiences if you can’t find someone to apply them to?

Sure, you can scour the internet manually for Amazon leads but I can just imagine the number of DAYS it would take you to come up with a decent list.

Yep. I know cause I’ve been there and have done exactly that. #NEVERAGAIN

Good thing I discovered MarketerMagic ManyLeads… 

Now finding countless potential clients has become a whole lot easier!

This tool inside MarketerMagic allows you to find a PERPETUAL stream of prospective clients with just a click of a button!

All you need is to specify the market and location you want and you’ll gain new and profitable leads in no time.

And when you get a hold of your prospects’ (i.e. Amazon sellers) contact details, you can then start reaching out to them either via emails or phone calls.

Click here to learn more about MarketerMagic ManyLeads.

Final Thoughts 

If you don’t have the capital for now to kickstart your Amazon FBA store but you’re knowledgeable enough to run one…

You can go for an alternative business model that will let you start your Amazon FBA business with a minimum investment and won’t require you selling goods from your own store.

You can build an Amazon agency and offer your services to struggling Amazon sellers who need your help and expertise to keep their stores running profitably.

And this for sure will help you earn the money you need to begin your own Amazon journey…

Liberating yourself from the chains that hold you back from realizing your Amazon dream!

So if you’re up for it…

Click here to get started.

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